Social Media Crash Course

Social Media Crash Course

Are you starting a new online business but have no idea where to even start with marketing yourself online? Here's a crash course in social media marketing just for you!

Here's some feedback from recent course takers. 

"I love this course. I did differently learn a few things and I think it will help me tremendously growing my VA business." ~ Ashely Havecker

"This course was awesome. Nice and to-the-point, which is what I enjoy. The tips are solid and I can't wait to start implementing them!" ~ Emma, Preparing for Mommy

"When I saw that Sasha was offering a FREE Social Media Crash Course, I immediately enrolled. I have completed multiple courses on The Blogger's Glitterati platform that have improved my family travel blog. This course helped me identify the exact steps I needed to take to grow my following on social media, and most importantly, how to build my authority as a leader in my niche." ~Jenny from

"It was helpful and I picked up several useful tips. I love that you focused more on forming relationships and engaging in conversations. It's one of those success-is-quality- over-quantity things." ~ Sabrina B.

"This course was extremely beneficial. My blog is just starting out and I'm learning all that I can in order to grow my reach to be able to turn this into a full-time business. My page views are increasing each month and I'm trying to figure out what will work to grow my email list and engagement on my blog. I love all of your resources (I also have gone through most of the modules on the Hub) and I'm implementing your strategies as quickly as I'm able to. Thanks for everything!" ~ Desiree

I loved this course. It explains how to get more traffic to my website. I also learned that being genuine will really help the website thrive. This course also talks about different streams of traffic. ~ Akshaya

5 Modules

Know Your Audience

The first step in creating a strong social media presence is to understand your audience. You need to know who you are speaking to and how they benefit from listening to you. 

Develop a Strong Social Media Strategy

Develop a strong social media strategy that engages with your audience on a regular basis and keeps them coming back for more. 

Build Your Authority

You've figured out your audience and you have a plan to create incredible and engaging content with them. But how do you scale that to become super-successful?

Modules for this product 5

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