Customized Done-for-You Online Business Growth Solution What My Clients are Saying... "Thanks to Sasha, I have gone from 500 pageviews to over 4000 pageviews!"

"Thanks to Sasha, I have gone from 500 pageviews to over 4000 pageviews!"

Sasha is full of knowledge and always there to help. Thanks to Sasha and her Glitteratti Membership Group I have gone from 500 pageviews to 4000 pageviews in a month! She has been there to help me through all my technical issues and get my website headed in the right direction! She is always adding the latest, greatest ways to help you grow your blog and not only does she offer a great course but she has so many free resources to help get you going! Thanks for everything Sasha, I couldn’t have done it without you! Jenn Summers

Client - Jenn Summers – The Old Summers Home

What We Did - Worked on revamping her blog, testing for speed and analytic issues, new opt-in and email funnel sequence

What She Got - A faster, more responsive website with more pageviews and a growing email subscriber list

6 Lessons

What My Clients are Saying...

Sometimes it's best to hear it straight from others that I've worked with in the past to get an idea of how I can help you too! Click the button below to read some of my recent client experiences. 

*Some of these clients have booked me more than once because they had such a great experience the first time!

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