Grow Your Facebook Group, Grow Your Business


Boost your business by growing a thriving Facebook group full of raving fans!

You’ve heard Facebook is great for marketing your business. But there’s one feature you’ve probably overlooked in your promotional efforts—Facebook groups! With the Energizing Your Facebook Group workbook, you’ll find out why Facebook groups drive so much engagement, ideas on how to start your own group, and even tips on how to thrill your members. Plus, you’ll also discover:

  • Why a Facebook Group Is the Perfect Way to Build Your Brand
  • Here’s What to Ask Before Starting Your Facebook Group
  • Turn Your Facebook Group into a Warm, Caring Community
  • Nurture Your Facebook Group So It Thrives
  • Use These Techniques to Gain New Members for Your Facebook Group

Happy Customers!

"I loved this course! Just finished it this morning before work! Great course Sasha Lassey!" Jenn Summers

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Why a Facebook Group Is the Perfect Way to Build Your Brand

1 Lessons

Find out why Facebook groups are a perfect way to build and grow your brand

What is the Purpose of Your Community?

1 Lessons

Use this lesson to figure out the purpose of your community to help you better serve it.

Create Engaging Content that Keeps Them Coming Back for MORE!

1 Lessons

Learn tips and tricks on creating engaging content that keeps them coming back for more!

Build Relationships with Personalized Contact with Your Members

1 Lessons

Building long-lasting relationships is fundamental to keeping your customers and getting them to come back for more.