Fabulous Freebies Workshop


>> You keep hearing that you need an email list but you're feeling overwhelmed with how to actually start or you've been stuck at 25 subscribers for months

>> You have a million ideas for freebies but don't know which one will work the best or how to even get it in front of your ideal clients

>> The idea of spending money on ads terrifies you because you've heard all the horror stories of FB taking all your money but think that's the only way

Join the Fabulous Freebies Workshop to learn how to master your email marketing and create an audience that is ready to buy NOW without having to spend a fortune to do it!

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Day 1 - Knowing Your Audience

1 Lessons

Day 2 - Finding Your Fabulous Freebie

1 Lessons

Day 3 - Marketing Your Fabulous Freebie

1 Lessons